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Loft Real Estate is a very modern real estate theme for interior home blogs and real estate blogs that are geared towards trendy lofts & condos.Simple ordinary boy from Malaysia that really love sunglasses expecially ray ban and oakley frogskins

Article from

Keeping a clean pair of eyeglasses ensures your vision is as good as it can possibly be and reduce eye strain and other problems that are associated with poor vision due to unclean lenses. They also improve your appearance, making your eyes that much clearer to everyone else. You clean your eyeglasses regularly.
You should wash your lenses with warm water and a mild soap. This will remove dirt, grime and oils. Then dry the lenses with a dedicated lens cloth or non-abrasive cloth, cotton works well. Avoid using paper towels or similar wipes as these can actually cause damage to the lens. Professional lens cloths are designed to remove build ups of dirt, smudges or fingerprints and are available quite cheaply – they are always a good purchase.
You should hold the frame in one hand, careful not to touch the lenses, and use the other hand in a circular movement to gently buff the lenses, taking careful not to rub too hard on the lens itself. Lens cloths should be treated carefully after use and cleaned regularly with a mild soap. Do not use a fabric softener or similar detergent on the cloth as this will reduce its effectiveness.
If stuck for a way to clean your eyeglasses in a rush, you can drop a bit of vinegar onto a soft cloth and wipe this over the lenses. This only works for glass lenses however,ray ban rb3445, never attempt this on plastic lenses. Do not wipe glasses on clothing as the abrasive fibers present in clothing could actually damaged the lens.
General good eyeglasses care is to keep your eyeglasses in a case when not in use as will prevent buildups of dust or accidental damage. Buying scratch resistant lenses, such as polycarbonate,coleccion 2012 rayban, will assist in making sure your lenses are always of the best quality, free of scratches.
Here are some tips that will help you to maintain your sunglasses.
1.Sunglasses should be checked regularly if you wear them frequently. There are chances that the screws of the glass become loose and will create problems for you while wearing the. It is necessary that the screws are always tight and the glass is comfortable to wear.
2.You have to check the alignment of the glass. If they are not properly aligned it is necessary that the frame has to be adjusted at the earliest. Do not try to align the frame on your own. If more damage occurs the warranty of the sunglasses will be cancelled.
3.Keep you lenses scratch free. Scratching is the main problem that everyone faces with their sunglasses. It is better to get a lens with a scratch resistant feature.
4.Clean you sunglasses frequently. Use a lotion free washing liquid to clean the glasses. You can also use lukewarm water to wash off the dirt. Finally wipe the glass with a lint free cotton towel. This will make you glasses shine as new.
5.When ever you remove your glasses use both your hands to remove them. This will avoid distortion of the frame.
When you are not using the glasses it is safe to keep it in its protective case.
6.If you are a person who sweats too much,chanel 5090, it is better to rinse of the sweat from the glasses at the earliest or else it may damage the lens coatings as well as the finish of the frame.
7.Do not leave your sunglasses on the dash board of your car the strong heat that will be inside the closed car can damage the lens as well as the frame.

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