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Prior to the arrival of the Romans many of the indigenous inhabitants of Ireland and Britain spoke various Celtic dialects. The classical writers began to Red Tk Society Supra report on Keltoi [Celtic] activity ca 600 BCE, but none of them included the residents of Ireland and Britain in this classification. A distinction that merits analysis.
?? The Celtic tradition emerged in Bavaria /Baden- Wurttemberg, Germany during the Halstatt D era [ca 750-600 BCE]The Halstatt culture [ca 750-450 BCE] was initially associated with Pontic steppe type horses, wagon wheels with spokes, iron swords, warrior burials and opulent grave gifts [eg; Chinese silk embroidery]. Locally made copies of Halstatt Supra Tk Society Grey Patent Shoes D artifacts have been retrieved from archaeological excavations in Ireland and Britain [B Cuncliffe, 1997]. The origin of these Celts is rather complex and to degree conjectural. D Faux [2008] postulated that the Celts had a significant indigenous component, which was Supra Skytop Black Croc derived, from their Bavarian/Baden Wurttemberg? heartland in Germany, with variable roots from the Neolithic and possibly earlier. The LBK culture [ca 5000-4600 BCE] had its greatest proliferation of archaeological sites in the Celtic homelands. A number of the Catacomb people from the Pontic steppes north of the Black Sea moved to the Middle Danube Basin. These newcomers and the Urnfield culture [ca 1350-750 BCE] contributed directly to the Halstatt Celtic tradition Supra Skytop Black Croc [B Cuncliffe, 1997]. The Urnfield culture had two Supra Tk Society For Cheap elements. The principal Swabian? group was located in South Hesse? and Baden Wurttemberg . The Rhemish-Swiss segment encompassed the Rhine-Palatine, Switzerland and eastern France [D Faux, 2008].
?? The Horgen tradition Supra Tk Society For Cheap [ca 3250-2850 BCE] might have evolved from the Pfyn lake dwellers of southern Germany and northern Switzerland [Zurich and Constance Lakes]. These populations resided in an area with a high concentration of Y chromosome Black And White Supra Shoes haplogroup S28-R1b1c10, which is common today in the Bavarian/Baden Wurttemberg Celtic heartland. At the end of the Bronze Age the descendants of these people were forced to move to higher Supra Tk Society Grey Patent Shoes ground to escape from inundation. They may have influenced and/or genetically contributed to the Halstatt/La Tene Celtic Traditions, Red Tk Society Supra [ibid].
? ?From ca 500-400 BCE Halstatt D and La Tene cultural elements spread Supra Womens to France, NE Iberia, the southern Netherlands, England and Ireland. They may have been dispersed along commercial networks [Powell, 1980]. Local NE Iberian communities adopted some elements of the Halstatt/La Tene cultural packages [eg: swords, equine gear, etc], which could have been introduced by traders or? mercenary warriors. La Tene artifacts were found at the Quintana de Gormaz? burial site. An inscribed plaque at Botarria is one of a number, that attests to the Celtiberian language in NE and north central Iberia ca 400 BCE. There cold have been La Tene enclaves in this region B Cuncliffe, [1997] contends that there were no indications of a massive influx of newcomers and that the Celtiberian tradition was largely a local development. He speculated, that the Iberians might have adopted or modified a tongue that was widely used to conduct commercial transactions. Central European Celts seldom used the written word.
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