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I. Vertigo is defined as a condition of dizziness of feeling of spinning, or swaying when one is stationary. Dizziness is a general, non-specific term to indicate a sense of disorientation. Some researchers suggested that vertigo is a subtype of dizziness and refers to an erroneous perception of self- or object-motion or an unpleasant distortion of static gravitational orientation that is a result of a mismatch between vestibular, visual, and somatosensory systems, affecting approximately 20-30% of the general population(1) and about two to three times higher in women than in men.

II. Preventions
B. Diet against vertigo
1. Mushroom
Mushroom is a standard name of white button mushroom, the fleshy, spore-bearing Supra Tk Society Blue Silver fruiting body of a fungus produced above ground on soil or on its food source, It is a genus A. Muscaria and belong to the family Amanitaceae and has been cultivation in many cultures all over the world for foods and health benefits.
a. Immunologic effects
In the analyzing White button mushrooms (WBM) and its effect in immune response,found that WBM promote DC maturation and enhance their antigen-presenting function. This effect may have potential in enhancing both innate and T cell-mediated immunity leading to a more efficient surveillance and defense mechanism against microbial invasion and tumor development, according to "Whitebuttonmushroom enhances maturation of Supra Shoes Buy Online bone marrow-derived dendritic cells and their antigen presenting function in mice" byRen Z, Guo Z, Supra Tk Society White Meydani SN, Wu D.(36)

b. Neurotrophic action
Found that
the neurotrophic action of cobalamin (Cbl) in the central nervous system (CNS) of totally gastrectomized (TGX) rats is mediated by stimulation of the epidermal growth factor(EGF) synthesis in the CNS itself. It thus appears that Cbl inversely regulates the expression of EGF and TNF-alpha genes in the CNS of TGX rats, according to "Epidermal growth factor as a local mediator of the neurotrophic action of vitamin B(12) (cobalamin) in the rat central nervous system" by Scalabrino G, Nicolini G, Buccellato FR, Peracchi M, Tredici G, Manfridi A, Pravettoni G.(37)

c. Copper
Copper is best known for its function in regulating the proper growth, utilization of Supra Tk Society Blue Silver iron, it is also a strong antioxidant, aiding the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase, and preventing oxidation in the cell membrane, according to the article of antioxidant cancer and diseases, posted in(38)

d. Cholesterol Levels
Since it contains high amount of fiber, it not only helps to bind the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the digestive track then expelling them through Supra Society Red normal waste release, but also burns cholesterol when they are digested because of its high lean protein content., according to the study of "Fiber intake, serum cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular disease in European individuals with type 1 diabetes. EURODIAB IDDM Complications Study Group" by Toeller M, Buyken AE, Heitkamp G, de Pergola G, Giorgino F, Fuller JH., (39)

e. Immune system
Since it contain high amount of vitamin C, it not only helps to improve the immune system in fighting against the foreign invasion, such as virus and bacteria, but also helps to inhibits fatty acid synthase expression as a result of the presence linoleic acid, thus reducing the risk of tumors and breast, colon and prostate cancers, according Supra Society Red to the study of "The 10t,12c isomer of conjugated White Supra Shoes linoleic acid inhibits fatty acid synthase expression and enzyme activity in human breast, colon, and prostate cancer cells" by Lau DS, Archer MC.,(40)

2. Cabbage is a spicies of Brassica oleracea belong to the family Brassicaceae (or Cruciferae), native to the Mediterranean region along the seacoast. It has a short stem of which is crowded a mass of leaves, usually green but in some varieties, it may be red or purplish.

a. Cardiovascular health
Cabbage in steam cooking and other vegetable such as collard greens, kale, mustard greens, broccoli, green bell pepper has exerted the ability in lowering the recirculation of bile acids results in utilization of cholesterol to synthesize bile acid and reduced fat absorption and may be beneficial in preventing cardiovascular disease, cancer and improve public health, according to the study of "Steam cooking significantly improves in vitro bile acid binding of collard greens, kale, mustard greens, broccoli, green bell pepper, and cabbage" by Kahlon TS, Chiu MC, Chapman MH.(41)

b.?Vitamin K
Degenerative diseases of ageing
Long-term vitamin K inadequacy may reduce the function of supporting the carboxylation of at least some of these Gla-protein that can lead the development of degenerative diseases of ageing including osteoporosis and atherosclerosis, according to the study of "Vitamin Supra Thunder Low K, osteoporosis and degenerative diseases of ageing" by Cees Vermeerand Elke Theuwissen(42)

c. Omega 3 fatty acid
Cabbage reduces the risk White Supra Shoes of cardiovascular diseases by controlling the secretion of bad cholesterol, due to high amount of Omega 3 fatty acid, according to the study of "The Omega-3 Index as a risk factor for Supra Tk Society White cardiovascular diseases' by von Schacky C.(43)

3. Kiwifruit also best hnown as kiwi or Chinese gooseberry, is a species of A. chinensis belong to the family Actinidia, subgroup of the flavonoids and native to Southern China.
a. Type 2 diabetes
In the investigation of six kinds of fruits tested were grapes, Asian pears, guavas, golden kiwifruit, lychees and bananas and their glycemic index found that there was no significant difference in glycemic index values between healthy and Type 2 diabetes subjects. There was also no significant difference in PII when comparing healthy subjects and subjects with Type 2 diabetes and concluded that glycemic index and peak incremental indices in healthy subjects can be approximately the same for Type 2 diabetes, according to "Glycemia and peak incremental indices of six popular fruits in Taiwan: healthy and Type 2 diabetes subjects compared" by Chen YY, Wu PC, Weng SF, Liu JF.(44)

b. Vitamin C
Besides is essential in preventing the breaking off small vein cause of hardening of the vessel wall, vitamin C also improves the digestive system in maximum absorption of vital nutrients. Overdoses can cause diarrhea, It also plays an important role in enhancing immune system fighting against the forming of free radicals that cause muscle damage, according to the study of "Does antioxidant vitamin supplementation protect against muscle damage?" by McGinley C, Shafat A, Donnelly AE.,(45)

c. Antioxidants
?Since kiwifruit contains high amount of Vitamin C, it helps to enhance the immune function in fighting against forming of free radicals, thus reducing the risk of irregular cell growth, such as tumor and cancer, according to the study of "High-dose vitamin C (ascorbic acid) therapy in the treatment of patients with advanced cancer" by Ohno S, Ohno Y, Suzuki N, Soma G, Inoue M.(46)

4.? Olive Oil
Olive is belongs to the the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin and south end of the Caspian Sea. Its fruit, is also called the olive and the source of olive oil.
a. Cardiovascular health
In the investigation of
the olive oil of the primary source of fat used in Mediterranean diet, found that olive oil consumption could contribute to explaining the low rate of cardiovascular mortality found in southern European-Mediterranean countries, according to "Olive oil and cardiovascular health" by Covas MI, Konstantinidou V, Fitó M.(47)

b. Antioxidants and weight loss
In the
analyzing the influence of a Mediterranean dietary pattern on plasma total antioxidant capacity (TAC) found that Mediterranean diet, especially rich in virgin olive oil, is associated with higher levels of plasma antioxidant capacity. Plasma TAC is related to a reduction in body weight after 3 years of intervention in a high cardiovascular risk population with a Mediterranean-style diet rich in virgin olive oil, according to "A 3 years follow-up of a Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil is associated with high plasma antioxidant capacity and reduced body weight gain" by Razquin C, Martinez JA, Martinez-Gonzalez MA, Mitjavila MT, Estruch R, Marti A.(48)

c. Healthy effect of virgin olive oil
According to "
International conference on the healthy effect of virgin olive oil" by
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