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How damaging is second-hand smoke? Can it be held directly responsible for respiratory illnesses in children? Well, Tk Supra Shoes On Sale according to both the Royal College of Paediatrics and Childcare and the British Medical Association, second-hand smoke is guilty as charged on both counts. The concern of these respective bodies is also shared by the government. It believes that there is not enough of a voice given to children in supra vaider canvas these matters, supra society red and that they are suffering unnecessarily at the hands of careless Supra Shoes Muska Skytop and irresponsible parents. The concern is so great that the government has just launched a new TV campaign to highlight the problems and hopefully force a change in parental attitudes.
The government-backed television campaign is aimed at highlighting the dangers of second hand (or passive) smoke. The hard-hitting adverts, are currently being aired on both television and radio, and are aimed exclusively at parents. The Government hopes Supra Shoes Muska Skytop the message will discourage parents from smoking in the home or in supra vaider canvas the car Supra Shoes Muska when their Supra Shoes Muska children are present.
One of the adverts shows a baby in a baby seat in the living room, surrounded by smoke as the mother smokes by the open back door. supra society red The advert claims that over 80 percent of cigarette smoke is ?invisible', and even if parents take precautions and open doors or windows when they light a cigarette, the smoke will still permeate the room and could potentially affect their children's health. The other advert shows a father smoking in his car with the window down, while his children are in the Baby Supra Rims For Sale back seats.
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