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Default Anyone in therapy for past abuse?

Anyone in therapy or been through therapy for past abuse/neglect/growing up in alcoholic home? I think it has affected me more than I thought... Trying to find some support.
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Arthor Daly Wright
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Hi MellaM. I'm just putting this out there in case you feel a sense of connection with my situation; otherwise, I hope you find support. Please don't feel that you need to reply to my post; I think it is most important that you find a connection with someone, for your own reasons, which naturally do not need another's validation.

I grew up as a neglected and abused child. The neglect and abuse affected me, and it took many years for me to overcome it.

When my mother would drink, it made everything worse, and I felt abandoned and unloved. I know now that some types of neglect can be a form of abuse. I was also abused, emotionally and physically by other children, which is a story I will save for now.

I have been in therapy in the past (Family Counseling), which really did help a lot. It was so very good to be able to sit down and talk with a professional who knew how to listen and truly wanted to help with my healing.
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