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Smile Alcoholic Drugs

I saw your website.....its really useful to me..
So i like your website.....I wanted to advised the alcoholic peoples from your website.please accept my request....
Dear friends,
My friend is herra. ......
she is an alcoholic girl....... she was using the alochol..............
one day she fell down the doctor said that "her health is very serious. so immediately she stop her bad habits".
Then she will try and try again she will omit her habit. then she dont use alcohol...........
So you are also my friend. Are you an alcoholic man? if your answer is yes. ...............
please you will change ur habit . Because alcohol is a poisonous drink...............
it's spoil your health and wealth and ur life. So as a friend i advised you...................
If you accept my advice. then you will high improvement in your life...........
If the alcoholic peoples can be cure. that success is for your website....
Thank you for your website....
================================================== =========
Alcohol abuse affects millions. This site has a lot of useful information.
Alcohol Abuse
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i am aware every day of my issisms,caused by my alcohal.i have been sober for a while but still struggle with certin aspects of stinking thinking.i can't always get to meetinge due to health challangs.but the good part is i am not alone.sandyshore
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i have been in the program for some time. but on a daily basis deal with the issums of my addiction.thestinking thinking sapect of my disease. what i find works is at the times my thinking stinks, what works for mr is t reach out to help another human being. idn't have all the answers but have other friends like me to go to in time of need.that is why i cant ,but we canmake it work together.sandyshore
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Hi there I hope you have found friends that can help you understand your addition to Alcoholic, My Name Is Roxanne you will see me on this site as SlowRoxy1988-My sober AA Birthdate is July 5th,1988 YES, that's right -I have over 20 year's sober.thank's to a 12 step program it saved my life.and it can save your too if you read your book's and apply what you read in your life,and get a good sponsor to work your steps i had to learn to do so.have a great day
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I am doing this for a class project, your information has been very helpful.
Thank you and good luck.
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Default Alcoholic Drugs

There is always hope. I too am an alcoholic and the only way I got sober was through AA. You have to stress that your cousin has to work the program. You could go to Al anon to find out how exactly you could help your cousin. Good luck to the both of you
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