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I Too Have Many Losses Close Together. I Go To Chruch Anyway And Sing Songs To Help Me. I Bought Christain Cd To Listen To. I Bought Grief Books To Read And Little Small Books That I Re Read. I Stayed Busy Then I Relaxed During The Thanksgiving Holiday And Rested. I Cry, Have Many Mixed Emotions That I Recognize. I Talk To Who Ever Will Listen. It Is Not My Family That Listens It Is Others Who I Have To Turn To. I Found Grief Support Group I Go To Twice A Week I Could Go More If There Was Another Time. I Am Trying To Improve My Contact With God. He Is Hurting Along With Me. Jesus Didn't Deserve To Die Neithr Did My Family And Friend Who Was Murdered In His Own Home. Jesus Loves Us Even If We Are Angry At Him Pray And Talk To God He Is Waiting For Us To Open Our Hearts To Him He Understand He Lost His One And Only Son. God Loves You Where You Are At.
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